A journey into the heart of transformational leadership.

Discover the Wisdom of the Animals


Wisdom of the Animals is a fun, creative, and profound new perspective of transformational leadership. Bishop explores unique traits of more than 21 animals from all over the world; land, sea, and sky. He skillfully weaves animal characteristics with sound leadership principles, making surprising and smart connections. Moreover, he creates this within the innovative framework of Fr. Richard Rohr's transformative progression of order, disorder, and reorder. The result is a delightful, insightful progression of transformational leadership from ego compulsion, through the heart of adversity, into a new state of being fully human. This book is the culmination of thirty-plus years of Bishop's experience and research in the disciplines of leadership, psychology, and spirituality.


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This book attempts... to "learn from the things" and celebrate the foundational "is-ness"

of our wilderness-born brothers and sisters.

The awe, raw "being" of animals offer insight

for our path back to the heart of what

we love most, but have too often forgotten.

This book attempts to

"learn from the things" and celebrate the foundational "is-ness" of our wild brothers and sisters. The awe, raw "being" of animals offer insight for our path back

to the heart of what we love most, but have too often forgotten.


Over his thirty-year career, Dr. Patrick Bishop has worked in four distinct industries for some of the nation's best. He's held positions as a graphic designer, marketing manager, buyer, vice president of sales & marketing, and community relations officer. Patrick is currently a tenured professor in the College of Business at Ferris State University.

He's also served as a visiting professor at Dankook University in Seoul, South Korea and John Cabot University in Rome, Italy.

Bishop holds a bachelor's and master's in communication, a doctorate in higher education leadership, Riso-Hudson Enneagram certification, Accreditation in Public Relations, and is currently a student in The Living School at the Center for Action & Contemplation. His passion is weaving the wisdom teachings from the cross-discipline fields of leadership, psychology, and spirituality. Wisdom of the Animals is his first book.

Tarah S.

Communication Expert

Great work!

It's a brilliant concept and one I think individuals will readily resonate with and be excited to read about.

Dr. Nicholas Wolterstorff

Author, Philosopher, Professor

"It's a lovely book. The photographs are beautiful -- some are stunning. And your analogies to aspects of management are often ingenious, and always plausible."

Fr. Richard Rohr

Author & CAC Founder

What a truly wonderful book! This excellent book is so much more than anything you would expect!  It is wise, very creatively presented, beautiful to look at, and builds on the wisdom of the natural world.

Kathy G.

Social Worker

Well done on every level.

For me, this book is contemplative.

It is something

I would read in short sections giving time to reflect on the impact on

my way of living.