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Book: Wisdom of the Animals

Book: Wisdom of the Animals

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Wisdom of the Animals is a fun, creative, and profound new perspective of transformational leadership. Bishop explores unique traits of more than 21 animals from all over the world; land, sea, and sky. He skillfully weaves animal characteristics with sound leadership principles, making surprising and smart connections. Moreover, he creates this within the innovative framework of Fr. Richard Rohr's transformative progression of order, disorder, and reorder. The result is a delightful, insightful progression of transformational leadership from ego compulsion, through the heart of adversity, into a new state of being fully human. This book is the culmination of thirty-plus years of Bishop's experience and research in the disciplines of leadership, psychology, and spirituality.


    Hard cover outside; filled with multiple two-page spreds of beautiful wildlife photos; perfect for a coffee table. The book consists of five sections: prologue, order, disorder, reorder, epilogue. The book can be read all at once, but many prefer to read one or two vignettes at a time.


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