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Poem & Pic of the Month: November 2015

Every month (or so!), I post one of my poems (paired with one of my pictures), sharing its origin and some of its essence. Here is my Poem & Pic of the Month for November 2015:

Known as I am Known

by Patrick Bishop

Science can explain almost any phenomenon:

Why a candle burns

How food becomes energy

Where the monarch flies

How mirror neurons trigger a smile

But, when I watch the candle

I don't understand it at all

The same is true for most nature experience:

A baby being born

A flower opening to sunshine

A kitten purring

A squirrel living through winter

Your arms around me

My response is awe

My response is amazement

My response is wonder and mystery and

Yes! Thank you.

Just because we can name something,

doesn't make it known to us

Religion can explain many traits of God;

Peace, Faith, Love, among others

But God's peace passes all understanding

Faith is walking forward in darkness

Love is boundless

God's name is ineffable

We know, but not by naming

We know, I AM through i am

We know, even as we are known


Written December 30, 2014 in reflection, just before starting a several-month sabbatical. Interestingly, this poem gives insight on my mindset prior to the start of my sabbatical. My sabbatical was about two things: learning and renewal. Looking back over the last year since writing this poem, I realize, I accomplished some of both.

The Picture

A flower opening to sunshine; taken in Tampa on a trip with Paulie a few years ago.

© 2015 by Patrick Bishop; all rights reserved.

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