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Poem & Pic of the Month: March 2015

Every month, I post one of my poems (paired with one of my pictures), sharing its origin and some of its essence. Here is my Poem & Pic of the Month for March 2015:

Blind Faith

by Patrick Bishop

I don't care about the labels of your morality:

Christian, Jew, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, Zen, Agnostic, Atheist

mean little to me

What I want to connect with is

the goodness of your soul

the tenderness of your heart

the joy of your being you

the suffering that breaks you open

I'm scared of people

who always have the right answer

Your beliefs don't make you holy

It is not who you project to me that I love

My heart resonates with your

fragility, weakness and courageous vulnerability

passion, kindness and strength of character

because that's when we're one

That's when we become the face of God

That's when we become

the cosmic Christ, the spark, the Buddha,

the mercy, the Atman, the Tao, the who knows, the nothing

Faith isn't certitude

Faith is living with doubt

Faith is walking blind on the path It's holding the pain and loving the question

It is not faith that moves mountains

Faith moves me

so I can appreciate the grand splendor

of the unfathomable mountain

and come to realize

my place is not to move, but to be moved


I wrote this in August 2014, sitting on a deck overlooking a tiny lake in Newaygo County. I grew up a staunch Catholic, spent time as a fundamentalist, considered myself a Buddhist for a while, travel to the edges of Agnosticism and Atheism, and then came back again, but in a completely different way. For many years, I read almost anything I could get my hands on regarding spirituality and-or the origin of religions. On this particular day, I was reflecting on how far I've come in my personal journey and how the labels of religion don't hold much meaning for me anymore. I was also thinking about how little I used to know about some pretty basic tenets of my faith; even the meaning of the word faith itself. I've had my view of spirituality and religion and the human heart completely turned upside down and put back together in an entirely new way these past ten years. This poem reflects some of these changes.

The Picture

I am appreciating the simple beauty of this little chapel dressed in flowers within the framework of "the grand splendor of the unfathomable mountain" (Sedona, California).

© 2015 by Patrick Bishop; all rights reserved.

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