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67 is the new 47

A Very Happy(dog) Birthday

Thanks for all the well wishes yesterday! Sending love to you all!

Gratitude for a Great Day

Yesterday I celebrated my 47th birthday. It was filled with much love and well-wishes from friends, family, colleagues, students and random folks I don't know (yup!). My PRpeeps sang to me, as did one of my classes (I blushed). Since this first day of my 48th year is a "Happydog Friday," I thought I'd simply post what I'm most grateful for as I begin another year:

I'm Thankful For:

My wife's wonderful laugh, bright eyes and encouragement

My daughter's kind, adventerous, musical & kindred spirit

Emmy, Sam and Max's success & love for their mother

Mom's optimism; dad's lust for life; my parent's health

Tom's intelligence & creativity; Wendy's sweet kindness

The schmenge's energy and talent

Dan's gentle wisdom; Karen's caring & conviction

Reese & Tony's example of daily love as a verb (+Etta & today's little Nora)

Joey & Emily's friendship and kindred souls

Mary Ann's heart for serving; Paul's knowledge & sillyness

Miah & Alisha's love of family & tradition (+little Annie)

Faith's independence & big heart

Jacob's quiet strength & kindness

Caleb & Lily's way of keeping us young

Karen E's healthy outlook & playful attitude

Patti's legacy of deepth & beauty; Bryan's fun-loving, generous soul

Ellie's warmth & beautiful voice; Ben's fun intellect beyond his years

Pete's smart & good-natured way; Ann's shared love for Broadway

Ethan's bright sense of humor; Gabby's amazing voice & acting talent

Peggy's quick smile & guitar playing; Mike's love of nature

Hannah's drive & big hugs; Liv's talent for all things musical

Old friends for sharing the journey & not giving up on me

New friends for making me laugh, think and enjoy what is

My newest compadres at Circle for their creativity and excellence

My newest companions at The Community for acceptance on this journey of love

LC's class of 1985 for our shared history

My colleagues for mentoring the next generation

My awesome PRpeeps for making work a place I love

To those I've yet to meet, I welcome the crossing of our paths

Looking forward to what the next year will bring.

Sending happydog love and peace to you all!

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