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Pictures & Poems

Below are samples of pictures I've taken and poems I've written at various times and places and stages of my life. They are in no particular order. To view more, checkout my blog or contact me (in the "About" tab).

Poems may be used for personal purposes, but please cite me as the author. This material is copywritten; there is to be no use of poems or pictures for commerical purpose without my written consent.

Soul of God

June 2013  •  Estes Park, Colorado


Everything has the soul of God

Not that we can even know what that means

It is a heart knowing

It is a gut knowing

It is an unknowing of the unspeakable and ineffible

and yet,


when heard in still, small places

it becomes a rock of certitude

humbly known beyond knowing

given by love

given by beauty, by truth, by beyond


All I can do is say yes

and weep in gratitude,

in sorrow, in hope --

surrending and praying,

begging, crying out, and trusting

that this love

will somehow live through me



September 2013  •  Whitehall, Michigan


The reeds sway as the winds blow;

no mind for the lightness of the breeze,

or the heaviness of the gale

They bend however far is necessary


It is true,

sometimes one is broken or trampled

There is no message in that

other than its brokeness


It is true,

some seem to dance in the sun

and glow with the morning dew,

but those are our memories

Good as that may be,

there is no message in that

other than its glow


The brokeness, dance, and glow are beyond

without words, without knowing

within a heart space

the message is clear:

The reeds sway as the winds blow.


Ocean in a Thimble

July 2013  •  Whitehall, Michigan


Who are you?

What was your name before your parents named you?

Every leaf has a name.

Even the grey wolf is known as Canin Lupus.

Do you think he knows that?

Why should you be any different?


Should we call him Jack?

Or her Diane?

Maybe you know him best as Peter!


What's most interesting to me is

we try to name God.

What name have you given her?

Is there any name that captures the ineffable?

I've heard, it's like putting the ocean in a thimble.


Pick up some dirt.

A pebble.

A yellow dandelion.

A walnut.

Rub it in your hands.

Smell it. Stare at it, until it speaks to you.

What does it say its name is?

What does it say its mission is?

What is its purpose?

Why should it be any different for you?



Dedicated to my awesome alternative students

December 2013  •  Grand Rapids, Michigan


My dreadlocks are dirty

and my piercings turn you off

The love-lost meaning in my sleeve tatoo

is empty in your surface-level shallowness.


Are you in touch with your body?

I don't hate mine.

I feel everything.

Depth is my language -- pain my unique dialect.

And beauty shows up as the wardrobe of the world.


I'm ready to share it all with you,

except... you see me as unworthy.

Image is all you can take in.

I understand.

It's my protection to keep away those who feign interest.


But, if you'd ask, feel, reach, drop your gaze --

you'd see me.

Broken, but real; lost in myself.

Hopeful; more than I appear.

Then, maybe, you'd see,

I'm just like you.



December 2013  •  Grand Rapids, Michigan


It is said, when God created this world

it was an act of pure love

giving itself away, as creation.


Love, willingly shattered itself

into a multitude of countless sparks,

setting in motion the divine-dynamic

manifestation of itself into form.


Given flow; always present.

For His Little Girl

July 2014  •  Newaygo, Michigan


You are grown and growing.

The same and ever changing.

Static this moment, but always dynamic.


I see glimpses of me in you;

shy and reserved, unsure and unwilling to stand out.

And also, bold, happy,

eyes on the future and all its possibilities


A flash of passion for what you love.

A sleepiness when disengaged.

Always trying to balance

independence and duty.

Making others happy and making yourself happy;

knowing and being.

A stuggle I understand all too well.


You're so much farther along than I ever was.

You possess a maturity beyond your years,

and it amazes me.

I have no greater joy than watching you --

grown and growing,

being and finding yourself on this path

that is your own

filling my heart with

a father's love for his little girl.


July 2014  •  Newaygo, Michigan


The waves dance on the lake's surface

happy to reflect the sun

tossing its rays back and forth

in a great game of catch


They approach me

splashing a welcome as they roll by

drawn by a force

to move on in a rythmic dance

with glittering partners

who rise with the other's falling


Gliding by,

they seem to smile and wink

Like some mythological creature

seducing me to join them

or lulling me into a happy trance


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