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"Maya says, words are things.

I believe that. They are my love language and when I write without reservation my words flow, revealing and healing..." 

- Patrick Bishop
from the poem, "Love Language"  


Peace and greetings to you.


You've found yourself in a place that's important to me. A place near and dear to my heart because this is where I tell my stories and share things most tender. I guess that's the call and risk for any writer or "creator" -- to share that which is hidden and most vulnerable.


Take a look around -- you'll find memories, fiction, and philosophy. It's a venue for me to be brazen and boldly creative in letting go. I hope you enjoy your time here; I'd be lying if I said otherwise.


With the exception of the "Recommendations" page, and some blog references, all writings and photos are my original work (all rights reserved).


It's Coming!

I'm happy to share, my Wisdom of the Animals book is in its final stages of editing. My peeps are reading advanced review copies for input on flow and content. I'm also checking out my publishing options and trying to secure some helpful endorsements. My launch goal is August 3, but maybe sooner! In the meantime, here's the summary blurb from the back cover:

Wisdom of the Animals is a wild, nature-inspired adventure in leadership. From birds to bats, owls to ants, turtles, butterflies, ibex and big cats, every story and colorful spread will capture your heart and imagination. From there, Bishop uses each animal’s unique attributes to illustrate sound leadership principles. He skillfully guides the reader, using Richard Rohr’s framework of order, disorder, and reorder to navigate the journey of transformational leadership from the first half of life into the second half of life. Along the way, you’ll fall in love with the many fun and quirky traits of our untamed relations. In the end, you’ll agree, animals have a lot to teach us on our journey to become fully human.

Under Construction

Hey friends! My site is currently in renovation as I prepare to launch my upcoming book, Wisdom of the Animals. Please check back in July for updates!

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