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A whole

new paradigm.

A whole new paradigm.


As a former business executive,

Patrick is available to listen, evaluate, and consult on

business solutions and

individual leadership

development from the perspective of

transformational leadership.








& spirituality

come together

Email Patrick:


Email Patrick:

Engagement is

the difference.

Engagement is the difference.


Dr. Bishop loves to present

the many lessons of transformational leadership to large and small groups

in an upbeat, interactive

style that keeps participants engaged and helps them implement real change.


The best leaders are transformational.

They've learned to recognize and work with

ego compulsions to become wholly remade.


This is not a superficial makeover.

This is not about working harder, having the right concepts, or polishing your persona. You do not become a shinier more extroverted version of yourself who "Wows!" executives in the boardroom.


It's about authenticity.

It's about timeless principles.

It's about finding your true self.


In transformational leadership...

You. Are. Wholly. Remade.


"We can only take people as far

as we've gone ourselves."   - Richard Rohr

The simple truth is, I've experienced both genuine success and piercing failures

in my life and career.  Pain and curiosity led me

to profound lessons in the cross-disciplines of

leadership, psychology, and spirituality.

Real change isn't quick or easy.

It takes an open mind, a bias for positivity,

and conscious intention combined with

consistent practices.

If you're ready for real change,

let me be your resource for lessons

in transformational leadership.

Transformational Leadership

A resource for real change.

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