• Patrick Bishop

I Walk On

As bipeds, we are created to walk

on this holy ground

to feel the dirt, wet grass, grains of sand, and cool water

If you allow it

Mother Earth

will pull you to her bosom

hold you in her embrace

suckle you with life giving energy

Teary eyes remember a time I couldn't walk

the birthright of bipeds lost

This day, I can

a heart of deep gratitude

overflows in body

down to my toes and back

released as tears

expressing beyond words

thank you, thank you, thank you

I walk on...

Tree in this place said,

"Come play with me!"

I do. I climb. I sit. I speak. I listen.

Tree is happy

A place to rest and share stories

For a time, we are one

I walk on...

Falling water in this place said,

"Come play with me!"

I do. Drinking in rich sound. Watching it sparkle. Making me wet.

I share her gift with hands, neck, head and hair

We laugh together in the twinkling morning sunrise

For a time, we are one

I walk on...

Man in this place said,

"Come walk next to me."

I do. We sense each other; aware of the space between.

Silent in our observation. Connected in isolation.

Eventually losing each other in the crowd and

movement to destination

Man shared his loneliness

I walk on...

#poem #nature

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