To start with, my academic creditials include a doctorate in leadership studies and a master's in communication (both summa cum laude). I've also gained certification in the Enneagram and Accreditation in Public Relations.

But wait! I'm not just an academic. I spent nearly 20 years working in the "real-world," covering three diverse industries: corporate retail, manufacturing, and non-profit. I held several positions, but the most notable were, purchasing agent, community relations officer, and vice president of sales & marketing. I'm currently employed as a full-time professor of marketing and public relations in the College of Business at Ferris State University. 



My leadership philosophy boils down to this: We are holistic people who are either broken open or broken down by suffering. Those who allow themselves to break open can inspire from a spirit of love, making themselves, others and society a better place. Those who close down, lead from ego compulsions that hurt their company's performance and morale

I get the "bottom line." This isn't just fluff -- this is good business. Organizational culture and process reflect the personality of the executives. The best, most effective leaders understand their own ego games and get out of the way so others can. They let others perform. As Covey says, "You can buy a person's hand, but you can't buy his heart." And the heart is where the best, most fulfilling work is done.


My wife, Paula Schuiteman-Bishop, and I, live in Grand Rapids, Michigan where we enjoy the walking communities of Aquinas, Eastown, East Hills, East GR and downtown GR. Together, we have four very cool kids in various stages of life, each making us very proud and happy. In addition to hitting the great pubs and restaurants near us, we love to travel, play tennis and golf, attend shows and visit with friends and family.


In terms of my career, I spent nearly 20 years working in three distinct industries: corporate retail, manufacturing and non-profit. I've held positions as a graphic designer, buyer, vice president of sales & marketing, and community relations officer. Currently, I'm a professor of marketing & PR at Ferris State University in Big Rapids, Michigan. My doctorate is in leadership studies; my master's and undergrad are in communication. I gained Accreditation in PR and I'm a fully certified Riso-Hudson instructor in the Enneagram. I've had the good fortune of teaching in both South Korea and Italy. I'm currently a student in Richard Rohr's Living School for Action & ContemplationBeyond all this, of course, you'll find me most often present in my poems.

About Me


Interested in how I became "Happydog?"

Read my blog post about it by clicking here.


Kids' Food Basket, Marketing Committee

Circle Theatre, Vice President of the Board

The Community Church, Member & Small Group Leader

WMPRSA, Member (former board member & APR chair)

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